Steve DeMicco


Steve DeMicco provides expert services in the areas of message development, strategic planning, communications strategies and campaign management to public and private sector clients. Steve has served as campaign director for three United States Senators and two New Jersey Governors, as well as for initiatives such as Rx4NJ (providing low and no cost prescription assistance to over 250,000) and We Work for Health NJ, a coalition of stakeholders supporting New Jersey’s life sciences industry.

Nicole Runge D’Ercole


Nicole Runge D’Ercole has been at the forefront of political fundraising for the past decade. In 2012, Nicole led fundraising efforts at the House Majority PAC to raise over $35 million dollars. In the 2008 cycle, Nicole was the Managing Director of Finance and Marketing at the DCCC, where she was responsible for planning, executing and raising more than $170 million, breaking all fundraising records for the DCCC. During this time, Nicole worked closely with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and traveled with her nationally on political trips. Her strong relationships with House leadership and members of the Democratic Caucus come from years of working closely with members on fundraising events for the DCCC.

Terrance Green


Terrance Green is a partner at 4C whose skill set combines political strategy with high-level creative content. He was a key contributor on both of President Obama’s Media Teams, with a lead role during the 2012 reelection. Since then, he’s worked with the DCCC, DNC, Planned Parenthood,, EMILY’s List, NAACP, A Wider Circle, The Kennedy Forum for Mental Health, Black Lives Matter, American Academy of Pediatrics and DC Public Schools.

Julia Hoffman


As founding head of 4C's Boston office, Julia Hoffman is a leader in political fundraising in Massachusetts. Julia works with candidates and elected officials who are building districtwide, statewide, and nationwide reputations to become the next generation of inspiring and dedicated civil servants. She has over a decade of political fundraising experience, including working for five current members of the Massachusetts Congressional delegation, and for 4 years as a fundraiser in DC where she led finance teams on national U.S. Senate and House campaigns. In 2012, Julia directed groundbreaking fundraising efforts for Congressman Joe Kennedy III's successful campaign for Congress, and she currently directs all of Congressman Kennedy's fundraising strategy. She also serves as MA fundraiser for Congresswoman Katherine Clark, who won a 7-way competitive Democratic primary and general election in 2013 in a special election. She has experience leading fundraising efforts for political non-profits, most recently directing fundraising for The Kennedy Forum, a mental health advocacy initiative founded by Former Congressman Patrick Kennedy.

Brad Lawrence


Brad Lawrence has produced winning electronic media and direct mail on behalf of political campaigns and for business, educational, environmental, health care and labor organizations since the 1980s. Brad created the TV spot The New York Times called ``legendary in political circles.” A frequent lecturer on campaigns and media, Brad served as media and strategic consultant for Cory Booker’s and Chris Murphy’s United States Senate victories and for the DSCC and Senate Majority PAC IE campaigns that helped elect the only new Democratic United States Senator in 2014 and defeat Christine O'Donnell and Linda McMahon. Brad's work has been instrumental in winning tough campaigns for Governors, Members of Congress and big-city mayoral candidates.

Brian Smoot


Brian Smoot is a partner and founder of 4C. He has built his career on the idea that successful campaigns involve authenticity, hard work, and challenging strategic assumptions. Brian was Political Director at the DCCC in 2008. In 2010, he served as Director of the DSCC IE, maintaining control of the senate during an electoral landslide. In 2012, he was general consultant for Priorities USA, helping to re-elect President Obama.

Rachel Gottke

Finance Associate

Rachel Gottke has established herself as a premier political fundraiser through years of campaign and PAC experience. A graduate of both Virginia Tech and George Washington University, Rachel has served on a number of record-breaking teams, such as House Majority PAC’s $40 million effort in 2014 and Terry McAuliffe’s $38 million gubernatorial campaign in 2013. Since joining 4C Partners, Rachel has focused primarily on DC and PAC fundraising for our House clients.

Madeline Lenahan

Political Finance Assistant

Madeline Lenahan is a graduate of the Commonwealth Honors College of the University of Massachusetts Amherst where she received a degree in Political Science. At UMass, Madeline was a fellow of UMass Women into Leadership, a merit-based organization that promotes the advancement of women into leadership and public service roles. Madeline has been involved in campaign fundraising since her early years and has received several accolades for her commitment to public service and politics, such as the Sheldon Goldman Scholarship. Since joining 4CM+M, Madeline has assisted with Massachusetts based fundraising for our House clients.

Carly Neubauer

Media Director

Carly Neubauer has been an innovative leader at 4CM&M, coordinating digital and print production, digital media buying and social media strategy. In addition, Carly has managed local and statewide direct mail campaigns in New Jersey, as well as large-scale nationwide direct mail campaigns for a variety of Independent Expenditures. Carly helped transition 4CM&M from print and television focused campaigns to the new and ever-changing landscape of digital and social media advertising – at a time when very few political campaigns were buying into digital advertising. In 2012, she helped successfully execute 4CM&M’s first digital campaigns for Connecticut’s US Senator Chris Murphy and New Jersey’s US Senator Bob Menendez. In 2013, Carly managed the statewide print campaigns for the special elections of US Senator Cory Booker. In 2014-2015 Carly executed a yearlong digital brand lift campaign for Rutgers University, resulting in increased Fall 2015 application rates among four targeted markets. Carly holds a BA in Political Science & Government from the University of Rhode Island.

Joe Orlando

Finance Assistant

Camille Padilla

Media Associate

Camille Padilla started as a press assistant on Dick Durbin’s re-election campaign, coordinating campaign ads and filming videos for social media. In 2015, Camille was the Press Assistant at the DCCC and in 2016 joined the IE as Executive Coordinator overseeing production of mail, polls, digital, radio and TV in 31 competitive congressional districts. Camille is a second-generation Mexican American and the proud daughter of José and Hilda Padilla.

Frank Sternberg

Senior Account Executive

Frank Sternberg adds thirty years of public sector PR, political media consulting and strategic communications experience to 4CM&M’s arsenal. Prior to helping launch Message & Media in 1993, Frank served as an award-winning director of communications for the nation’s most densely populated community. At 4CM&M, Frank has worked with clients to help craft and implement successful strategic media campaigns on behalf of economic development agencies and candidates running for all levels of political office. Additionally, Frank is the firm's senior account executive providing marketing services on behalf of New Jersey’s largest and fastest growing healthcare union.

Lydia Xia

Executive Coordinator

Lydia Xia is the Executive Coordinator at 4CM+M. Prior, she was an operations and compliance assistant at the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee. She is a recent graduate from University of California, Berkeley, where she was the campus coordinator for Students for Hillary. Her burgeoning passion for politics and media led her to 4CM+M.